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Technical on-site service -

Technical on-site service

Preventive maintenance

With proper maintenance, HPI machines will run reliably and without downtime for many decades. However, there is still wear and tear that needs to be detected in time. That’s why HPI offers service contracts – HPI service technicians will visit you on site and maintain HPI machines during a scheduled downtime.

In this way you will benefit from high line availability and high efficiency of your HPI machinery. That pays off in any case!

Please contact us, we will offer you an individual solution for your needs.


Individual technical support

Reliability, high productivity and safety for the employees are the characteristics of our systems. Nevertheless, an unexpected technical problem may occur that could have a financial impact on your business. HPI service technicians will visit you worldwide to bring the machinery back into full operation. Trust our HPI specialists, they will provide you with a satisfactory solution!


Technological upgrades

HPI machines produce reliably for many decades. At the same time, we live in a fast-changing world, which is full of innovations and renewals. HPI can upgrade your existing machine to the latest state of the art so that you can benefit from the technological progress. Seize the opportunity and decide to upgrade!

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