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"Super Size" casting machines -

"Super Size" casting machines

From molten aluminium to large ingots

Especially designed to produce rolling slabs, busbars and ingots in single-strand casting mode.

Features & benefits:

  • High flexibility
  • Low mould costs, as only one mould is required
  • Superior ingot straightness as material are almost floats during transport
  • Low labour and handling costs due to the continuous process
  • Low investment costs
  • In-house scrap around 1-3%, depending on number and size of furnaces
  • Low TCO (Total Costs of Ownership)
  • Automated casting process control with complete data acquisition



  • Ingot widths from 300 to 2.050 mm
  • Ingot thicknesses from 200 to 500 mm
  • Length of ingot 2.000 to 20.000 mm
  • Casting performance 1.000 to 10.000 kg/h
  • Small and medium-sized material can be produced in multi-strand mode at our standard horizontal casting machine.

"Aluminium" journal article: SuperSizeCaster

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Casting of large cross sections
Casting of large cross sections

Horizontal casted semifinished product
Horizontal casted semifinished product